After you have performed every life saving measure, your client may still be faced with the euthanasia decision. It is an emotional time for your client and their family.   

Whether the family chooses euthanasia or lets nature take its course, they need to make a decision on how to deal with their pet’s remains. The final act of care is to educate them on the options for disposition. Whether they choose cremation or burial, we can work with you or directly with your client in making arrangements for the final disposition. 

All County Pet Crematory ensures that cremation services are done with the utmost respect and dignity.  At All County Pet Crematory, all cremations are done individually and privately.  We give your client peace of mind to know that their pet is being individually cremated.  We do not conduct communal cremations.

For a fee, we offer removal services from Veterinarian Offices with a 24 hour notice (within Cuyahoga County), or your client may prefer to bring their pet directly to our facility.  The cremated remains may be delivered to your office or your client can make arrangements to pick up their pet’s cremated remains from our facility.
Through All County Pet Memorial Services and All County Pet Crematory, we can offer your client a very personal way to pay tribute to their friend through a Memorial Service, Cremation Service, urn or custom keepsake. 

We work with each Veterinary clinic on an individual basis.  There are no contracts to sign. Just as each pet is special, so is our business relationship with you.

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