Funeral Directors

Families have been coming to you for years to help them at their time of need.  They look to you for guidance and advise in planning the funeral of a loved one.

When that same family is a pet owner/lover and they have lost their cherished pet they may look to you for guidance.  At All County Pet Memorial Services and All County Pet Crematory, we can work with you or directly with the family in making arrangements for the final disposition of their cherished pet.

For a fee, we offer removal services from your funeral home with a 24-hour notice (within Cuyahoga County), or they may choose to bring their pet directly to our facility.  The cremated remains can be delivered to your funeral home or they can make arrangements to pick up their pet’s cremated remains from our facility.

Our beautifully remodeled, pet friendly facility offers a comfortable atmosphere where you can bring your family and conduct a memorial service.  We also have a reception room available for families who would like to offer refreshments to the attendees of the service.

Our crematory is on-site.  This ensures that cremation services are done with the utmost respect and dignity.  At All County Pet Crematory, cremations are done individually and privately.  We also offer viewing to those families who request it.

We work with each funeral home on an individual basis.  Just as each family and their pet is special, so is our business relationship with you.     

Our professional staff at All County Pet Memorial Services and All County Pet Crematory offers a very personal way for the family to pay tribute to their cherished friend through a memorial service, cremation service, and urn or customer keepsake.

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